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Learn about how Learning Crypto began and what our mission is.
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Sparking the journey towards empowering people

Established in 2018, Learning Crypto was born out of a passion for educating individuals on correctly utilising cryptocurrency. It all began when Ash, our founder, discovered a knack for teaching within a Facebook group, sparking the journey towards empowering people to navigate the world of digital assets effectively.

In 2019, Learning Crypto proudly became the first CPD-accredited course provider for cryptocurrency, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering high-quality education in this ever-evolving space.

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Today, Learning Crypto is a beacon in cryptocurrency education, recognised for its pioneering role and unwavering dedication. Our online presence has garnered attention from reputable sources such as the Financial Times, solidifying our reputation as a trusted resource.

With over 6000 members across various platforms, Learning Crypto continues to grow, offering premium packages that deliver unparalleled content and comprehensive online courses. Join us as we guide you through the intricacies of cryptocurrency investment and management, setting you on the path towards financial empowerment.
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Discover quick answers to common queries in our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section, providing insights into all aspects of Learning:Crypto.

Do you offer one to one help?

Our team does not but our Discord is open 24/7 and 365 days a year, there will be someone who answers your query.

Do you accept cryptocurrency for memberships?

Sadly we no longer do that, due to the FCA it's best as a company if we deal in fiat until we know the regulation framework.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes we do, these can be found on our Whop page under the terms and conditions.

Can I access Learning:Crypto on my mobile device?

Yes, you can access our platform via Desktop, Mobile or Tablet. You can cast the video content to a bigger screen too.

Will I be successful?

It's down to you to put in the hours to watch the education, keep up to date with the content and study the charts.

I want to trade, do you recommend this for beginners?

Most of the time, most people want to trade, we feel if you want to you can, but do our technical analysis course first and start with a demo account to master your strategy.

What is blockchain?

A decentralized digital ledger that records cryptocurrency transactions across multiple computers. Blockchains come in many different ways which you'll learn in our courses.

Is cryptocurrency like stocks and shares?

No, even though it has a speculated value and you can do technical analysis on them, stocks and shares have more value elements that creates a stock price, cryptocurrency does not.

Is cryptocurrency safe?

With the right security measures, such as using reputable wallets and two-factor authentication, it can be safe. We will not DM you asking you to put money into anything.

I'm new to crypto, how can you help me?

Within Premium we offer over 36 hours worth of online course from Beginner Investing, Technical Analysis and Psychological courses.

Do you offer advice on my portfolio?

No, we believe this falls into financial advice. You are more than welcome to ask questions within the Discord to help you make an informed decision via our community members.

When did Learning:Crypto start in Cryptocurrency?

Ash, our founder started in cryptocurrency in 2016, started educating on Facebook in 2017 and formed the company in 2018.